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Introducing Coco.Cado

Beverages made with Passion

Our Background

The Full Story

It all began with two people who dreamt of starting something completely new. Together, we established Coco.Cado, a beverage brand serving 100% Fresh Coconut & Avocado Beverages .

Our beverages were developed to satisfy all of our customer's cravings for ice cold beverage with a taste of natural flavours. All our beverage are crafted with less sugar to meet the customer's healthier choice of living habits. We are committed to customer satisfaction as our top priority. 


Signatures Beverages

Taste the Passion


Coco Cado Shake

No 1 Best Seller

coco shake_edited.jpg

Coco Shake

No 2 Best Seller

coco nutella shake_edited.jpg

Coco Nutella Shake

Signature Drink

Cada Durian Fresh Milk.jpg

Cado Durian Fresh Milk

Signature Drink

Cado Cempadak Fresh Milk.jpg

Cado Cempedak Fresh Milk

Signature Drink

Cado Fresh Milk.jpg

Cado Fresh Milk

Signature Drink

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